The Main Event – a time when we gather together as a church family and seek to worship God in ‘Spirit and in truth’. Our worship is led by our worship band including keyboard, bass, drums, flute and acoustic guitar, whilst there are also a couple of singers to help lead the songs, and we sing relevant songs from all eras to lead us into the presence of God. We are also encouraging some young people to lead us in worship, and they lead us one Sunday morning each month.


The Evening Meeting – Usually a more reflective time, with a smaller group of musicians and no singers as we sing songs to reflect the theme of the sermon or communion.


The Songs

Here at Bath Street we want our worship to be Contemporary, (using predominately the songs and music which connect with the 21st century without losing the best from the past); Celebratory (since the Christian faith means joy in a wonderful God, even at times we feel awe in his presence) and Charismatic (by which we mean an openness to God’s Holy Spirit without whom we are just going through religious actions). We are very aware that people have their own favourite songs and styles, but we choose songs that are relevant to our theme or help to lead us into the presence of God, irrespective of when they were written. The words for our songs are displayed on a large screen for all to see, but we do have books available for those who would rather use them.

As church musicians we see our role as serving God and the congregation and not simply playing our instruments. All of us are involved in church activities that are not based around music, and we see our role on a Sunday as one of great privilege and responsibility. To this end, we rehearse weekly, and also see our role as missionaries with music – please see the Bath Street Band page.

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